The basis of long-term cooperation is mutual trust, mutual benefit and mutual help !


JCEE is willing to cooperate whole heartedly with fashion brands all over the world, share you design with us, and we will bring your vision to life by offering one-stop services.

JCEE makes every process easy and safe and always guarantees high quality of your apparel.


JCEE is aiming to help start or grow a clothing line, reduce supplier trial and error costs, and promote sales growth.

We are passionate about making great quality clothing and stricter-than-industry-standard quality check. Otherwise, we are in full support for the environment, peventing deadstock, oversupply and wastage of resources with our small MOQ.

We hope evey brand owner could save energy to do selling and marketing, make brand dream come true.


JCEEfashion Clothing Manufacturer Founder-Jaycie

Jaycie Lee, Founder

I started my first business three years ago after finishing master degree in the University of Manchester. As a graduate majoring in fashion, I had a brand dream. I found lots of clothing manufacturers through B2B platforms and factory shops. After visiting dozens of factories and checked hundreds of samples repeatedly, finally I found a factory who did high quality products and was willing to cooperate with a small business. The factory owner thought I would be successful because of my unique design and passion for the cause. He offerd me a relatively small MOQ that wouldn’t give me much too financial pressure, so that I could do my marketing whole-heartedly.

After one year, my brand got a little famous in China, I really appreciated that factory owner who helped me when I was a startup. I know it’s the most difficult thing to find a reliable manufacturer with high quality and a small MOQ to start a clothing brand. It’s time-waste especially finding a trustworthy factory in a foreign country.

After covid crisis, I restart a business with my new team, helping oversea customers solve problems of clothing production.

Until now, we have more than 50+ cooperative factories that are all premium suppliers certified by us, and we will continue to expand our supply chain. We provide one-stop customized service solution, helping your brand stand out, and grow up with your brand.

JCEEfashion Clothing Manufacturer Co-Founder-Jie

Jie Chen, Co-Founder

I used to work in a foreign trade company in China for 10 years. This company is mainly engaged in the export of textiles such as garments.

In the past 10 years, I have contacted a large number of suppliers and factories of clothing and fabrics. I am also very familiar with China's export customs declaration, international logistics, and customs clearance in the destination country.

I'm aware that there are many excellent factories in China, and they can produce high-quality products at reasonable prices. However, many of them are unable to export goods outside of China because they cannot connect with foreign customers, or cannot solve problems such as customs declaration and international logistics. I feel very sorry about this.

By chance, I met Jaycie. I was moved by her thoughts and ideas, then decided to leave the company where I worked for 10 years. Now, together with her, we help more partners create their own value and promote high-quality Chinese products to the world.

JCEEfashion Clothing Manufacturer Co-Founder-Lee

Lee, Co-Founder

After completing my university studies in 2009, I embarked on a journey within China's Keqiao fabric market, where I delved into the knitted fabric industry for over a decade. My profound appreciation for trendy clothing fueled my entrepreneurial spirit, leading me to establish five fashionable boutiques across various Chinese cities over the past ten years. These boutiques primarily feature an eclectic range of T-shirts, sweatshirts from renowned brands, and coveted limited-edition AJ. sneakers.

In recent years, I've noticed a growing desire among entrepreneurs for personalization and small-batch customization. Teaming up with Jaycie, we harnessed my expertise in fabrics and our collective insight into international trend elements. This collaboration led to the creation of a collection of trendy blank canvases. These blanks are thoughtfully designed to accommodate diverse customization techniques such as DTG, silk screen printing, and embroidery.

Our shared commitment is to assist small-scale entrepreneurs in penetrating and nurturing their market presence with minimal costs and expedited timelines. We understand the challenges faced by budding businesses and are dedicated to providing solutions that empower them to succeed.