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At JCEE, we're revolutionizing streetwear production with high-quality standards and a MOQ starting from just 100 pieces. We save you time and money with ready-made patterns and online fabric swatches. Based in China, we offer affordable product options using diverse and mature production techniques. Embrace the future of fashion manufacturing with our expertise and innovation.

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Diverse Big-brand Patterns

Want to apply big-brand patterns to your designs?

We 1:1 replicate a variety of original and best-selling patterns from famous brands, paired with corresponding high-quality fabrics.

You can easily draw inspiration or use them to stay in tune with the market.

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Curated Premium Fabrics

Our fabric partner is the largest and finest streetwear fabric factory in China.

The fabric quality is consistently outstanding, with high color fastness, low shrinkage rates, and an extensive range of colors identical to those of top brands.

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Versatile Craftsmanship

We excel in a variety of single or combined craftsmanship techniques, including DTG, screen printing, puff printing, towel embroidery, silicone printing, embossed printing, and washing techniques......

We can perfectly bring your desired graphic effects to life on clothing in the best possible way.

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Strong Production Capability

Our factory employs over 200 skilled workers, achieving an impressive annual production of over 1 million units.

With a well-structured internal organization and systematic production management, we adhere to a streamlined assembly line operation regardless of the order volume.

From order placement to shipment, we implement a thorough 3-step quality inspection process to ensure the consistent quality of our products.

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How Do We Differ From Others ?

JCEEfashion Clothing Manufacturer How Do We Differ From Others

What Our Customers' Said

I am a local store owner in British and the Jaycie team is always in touch with me and kindly replies my questions. I got a lot of current period popular customized garments from them and they sell well in Britain !


Jaycie is a nice girl ! Even though I am just a newbie in clothing, she is patient in giving me advice, especially the MOQ is low. It's so great ! Now I bought my first batch from here and I am about to start my clothes selling business.


The clothing supply chain of this team is very strong, and the price is very advantageous. I have been cooperated with them for a long time. Jaycie was enthusiastic and professional.


I'm going to start my clothing business and place an order with them. The shipping logistics price is reasonable and the shipping time is fast as well. The quality of samples are very nice. Hope for long-term cooperation !


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